Engaging events in an ever-evolving landscape.

In a world where firms are increasingly competing for client attendance, the pressure is on to find a way to ensure yours is the hot ticket invitation. Hudson Webb can help you plan to ensure you meet these challenges.
The importance of supporting your brand proposition with events is more important today than ever before.

Disruptive influences, changes in working practices, merging firms and industry trends could impact your ability to do business and engage effectively with your clients. Boom time events and hospitality programmes may have been scaled back but targeted event engagement remains relevant and necessary.

Modest budgets need not be a reason to stop entertaining clients. We can help identify fresh ideas, develop scalable event programmes, revive and reimagine tired events or advise where your current events are falling short.





Supporting your brand proposition with a considered event strategy is the quickest way to ensure you are front of mind with your clients. We understand the importance of strategic thinking at every stage of your event cycle.

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Brand is critical to any business and isn’t just a logo. It is a promise.

Brand-recognition is important to client attraction and retention, and brand integrity is vital to profitability. Our understanding of brand execution comes from our long history in marketing services. Having delivered a number of re-brands over the years we have always believed that the most meaningful way to give your clients a taste of your brand is through a considered event programme. We know the devil is in the detail.



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